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Sales Prospecting for New Business and Clients

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Find New Clients And Business"

This is a simple to read easy book full of PRACTICAL ideas that you can use immediately to increase your sales and make more money. You can't afford not to take the time to read this book. A sure fire hit!!!

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Now you have all the answers - how and where to find new clients and prospect effectively. Now - Discover 17 Strategies To Prospect for New Business and Increase Sales and Profits

Having spent 23 years in sales, the one thing that I noticed was that the top sales consultants were master sales prospectors and used many techniques to constantly find new clients.

How to find new Business and Clients is a book full of proven, practical ideas. Every section has an action plan and there are some great stories of many top producers and what they do to be the elite in their industries.

Whether you are a salesperson, small business, large corporate or a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant, this is the book for you. There are so many ideas that will have you finding new business immediately and closing more sales.


I created this product because wherever I speak in the world, the question I am asked most is 'where and how do I find new clients and business'. I was fortunate in that I qualified among the top half percent of salespeople in the world using these techniques.

I still use these techniques constantly in selling my speaking and training, my 42 products and my internet marketing business. They are tried and tested, proven and practical.

  • Discover how to network effectively - You will have the confidence to network anywhere, anytime. There are proven scripts that will have you meeting with new potential clients before you know it.
  • Create your 'killer' elevator speech. - Know what to say and how to say it everytime someone asks you what you do. Share 'what's in it for them' which will have them askig you to meet with them and do business.
  • Find out how to get referrals from every satisfied client - Most sales consultants are afraid to ask for referrals every time. They don't know what to say or when the right time is to ask for referrals. I share two scripts that have worked for me over the past twenty years and still do.
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  • Cold and warm calling - Use proven scripts and know how to overcome any objection
  • Find out how to get through to decision makers - Discover how to get past those difficult gatekeepers and get the decision makers to call you..
  • Keep in touch with a dynanic newsletter - I generate plenty of sales by using an effective newsletter. Find out the essential elements needed for a great ezine or newsletter
This book overflows with practical, intilligent ideas that will work for you every time. I suggest that you purchase as many of these books as possible for your own staff, your clients and your children moving into business.

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  • Use your website for powerful online marketing strategies. - Your website should be a powerful salestool that drives a ton of traffic and generates sales and leads. Find the three essential elements needed.
  • Use articles to build your brand and drive traffic to your site - Articles can build numerous links to your website and establish you as an expert in your field. Explore the strategies, tips and tools needed.
  • Drive traffic with effective linking strategies - Discover how to develop effective linking strategies with suitable high ranking partners will increase your search engine popularity and increase your rankings with google. Now you have streams of qualified traffic streaming to your site, which of course results in more business.
Succes in selling has more to do with your prospecting ability than anything else. How can you get in front of more qualified prospects, more often and consistantly. You need to use a multi strategy approach with prospecting and in this book there are many ideas that will assist you immediately.

At the end of each section there is an action plan for you to complete. I have written this book in a very simple, easlily readable manner that can be read in an hour so that you can put the ideas to use immediately.

What a great idea generator. Frank, your book 'Finding new Clients' is packed with relevant, real world information that can generate business immediately at low cost or no cost. This is what every entrepreneur and salesperson needs.

Terry Brock

This book is the hope diamond of 'Gems of Ideas'.

Warren Evans

Whether you are a battle hardened salesperson: or still a little unsure qas to how you sell yourself, I am sure you will find something in this book that will enhance your ability to grow your business.

Marc Woods - Paralympic Gold Medal Winner

This book solves the problem of waking up and finding that there is very little new business coming in. When you wake up at 2am and start worrying about where the next client or business is coming from, it is stressful and you will come accross as desperate when you see prospective clients. If you dread coming in to the office because you know you have to cold call strangers that don't really want to speak to you, will be rude to you and reject you, business loses the fun element.

On the other hand, if you use multiple strategies to constantly prospect and find new clients, the stress disappears, you become more confident and the business follows. How to find you business will give you the strategies, tips and techniques for the multi prospecting strategy.

When you invest in this progrqamme, you get an action plannner that will have you prospecting immediately. You will have an easy to read book filled with strategies, stories and tips. If you pass on the offer, it's back to working hard and stressfully rather than smartly and happily.

Your iron clad guarantee.

If you are not 100% happy anytime in the next 60 days, I will happily refund you in full.

If you don't buy today, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of exra business and new clients. If you INVEST RIGHT NOW, you will have the succes strategies that will have you making more sales, finding new clients, using a multiple strategy approach, and be more succesful in your career.

This book comes as a result of 30 years experience and my research with over 500 of the worlds top salespeople. If you tried to find this information, it would take hours, even days and weeks. At $47, this could be your best investment ever and could have you making hundreds of times your initial investment.

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Internet Marketing Ebook Value) - This gift has many online programmes that could make it so much easier for you to increase your internet marketing strategies.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (Search Engine Optimisation Ebook Value) - This 90 page Ebook is worth a fortune. Written by an expert in SEO, it will have you making the correct changes to your website so that it becomes a sales tool that is seen by thousands rather than a site that is seen by few.

Take action now and start finding those new clients that will have you meeting targets, increasing sales and looking forward to each sales day. Don't wait, this couold be your best investment ever, Order now.


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